Zinc Roofing

Here at NW Metal Roofing Ltd, we are able to offer our clients and people of the UK, the best and most sturdy zinc roofs available on the market. Thanks to our highly trained group of roofing researchers, we have now sourced the most sought after zinc materials that are in demand at the moment in order to offer our customers something which other companies cannot.

Our services rate second to none as we have an elite team of certified and professionally trained roofers who specialise in constructing roofs made from zinc which are designed to last a lifetime. Previously we have constructed zinc roofs of all shapes and sizes and are capable of catering for most building types and sizes.

Maintaining and Repairing Zinc Roofs

We are also able to repair and maintain zinc roofs and are often called out to jobs which involve us patching up old zinc roofs and maintaining ones which we have installed previously. Our maintenance of zinc roofing will come at a discount to you if you purchased your roof with us, but if not, we offer super competitive prices for residential, commercial and industrial sized buildings. All of our roofers are friendly and honest tradesmen who will be happy to visit your property and offer you a free no obligation quote which we guarantee will be a super competitive price in comparison to our competitors.